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A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

In A Dirty Job, Charlie Asher is a Beta Male in San Francisco, a normal, boring, hapless guy lucky enough to have an Alpha Female wife. When his wife dies in childbirth, Charlie sees one of Death's assistants at her bedside. He's not supposed to be able to see him, but in doing so, it drags him into the world of Death. People start to drop dead around him. Names mysteriously appear on his bedside notepad, and those people die soon afterward. Charlie has been recruited, against his will, to protect the souls of these dead people from more dangerous forces within the world of Death. These souls need to be implanted into a new being or sent to the afterlife. Poor Charlie is working for Death and raising an infant by himself, and he's not up for either job. Christopher Moore's humorous look at A Dirty Job has received mostly positive reviews with the Portland Oregonian saying, "The best of Moore's writing occupies those gray areas where most of us reside. Rather than serve up platitudes or deliver bedtime stories, A Dirty Job offers wit, chaos, subversion and a chance to flip death the middle finger while we still have the chance."
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Christopher Moore
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