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Divided Kingdom by Rupert Thomson

Divided Kingdom is set in a future England where the breakdown of society has caused the government to perform a "rearrangement" where the citizenry is forced to live in different quarters divided by walls. Each person is chosen to live in one of the quarters based on his or her personality. The phlegmatics - empathetic, passive and indecisive - live in the blue quarter. The cholerics - aggressive, impulsive people and those prone to excess - live in the yellow quarter. The melancholics - characterised by introspection, pessimism, and an inclination towards the intellectual - live in the green quarter. The sanguine - optimistic, even tempered and constructive - live in the red quarter. During this period, an 8-year old boy is taken from his family by the government and given to a family in the red quarter. He's renamed Thomas Parry and grows up to be a model civil servant and able to travel between quarters to attend conferences. While in the green quarter, he stumbles upon a forbidden club that contains echoes of his original life. This sends him on a downward spiral of irresponsible behavior that pits him against the government he works for. Or is it all part of the master plan? Divided Kingdom has received mostly positive reviews with The Observer saying, "However, for all its faults, Divided Kingdom thrums with ideas and is a moving and, at times, gripping book."
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Rupert Thomson
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