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The Diviners by Rick Moody

At the center of The Diviners is a screenplay called "The Diviners," which has a host of people who all have their own reasons for wanting to be involved in its production. New York independent film producer Vanessa Meandro has everyone convinced that it's the next big television miniseries event. Those who want to be involved include a Sikh limo driver, a bipolar bicycle messenger, celebrity publicists, an author of thrillers, and a Supreme Court justice. What none of them know, however, is that the screenplay doesn't exist and whose idea was created by Meandro's staff to placate her. Rock Moody sets his novel in the period between election day 2000 and the Supreme Court ruling weeks later effectively ending the election, and is a ironic and satirical look at the intersection of sex, power, greed, and ambition in the United States. The Diviners has received mixed reviews with the Boston Globe saying, "Funny, fierce, and generous, Moody's maximalist prose gives the writer leeway, and the reader pleasure. Sometimes swashbuckling, sometimes laserlike, he can spin out the absurdity of human behavior in giddy syntactic arabesques, or nail it with a single noun."
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Rick Moody
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