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Dog Days by Ana Marie Cox

The Dog Days of this book's title refer to the dog days of August, specifically in an election year between the different political party conventions. Melanie Thorton is a minor staffer for the Democratic nominee, John Hillman, and she's having an affair with a prominent, and married, Washington journalist. A group begins to run television ads accusing Hillman of nefarious behavior back in his college days and a gossip columnist is digging for information about her affair. To distract everyone from these two issues, Melanie and her friend cook up a fake blog about a young woman having affairs with different politicians, and even get a bimbo to play the part. In a city full of political artifice, lies, and innuendo, she lowers herself to the same level in an attempt to save herself. Ana Marie Cox is the author of, a snarky political blog, and uses her knowledge of life in Washington, D.C. to fill out her debut novel. Dog Days has received mixed reviews with the USA Today saying, "But one thing's for sure: Readers already disillusioned by politics will see Cox's book as affirmation of what they've suspected all along."
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Ana Marie Cox
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