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Dreams of Rivers and Seas by Tim Parks

Dreams of Rivers and Seas begins with John James learning of his father's death in Delhi and flying to India for the funeral. Albert James was a brilliant anthropologist and even in death, his presence (or absence) is a powerful force that is hard to understand. John's mother was famous doctor working in a clinic in Delhi, and his parents were so enraptured with each other and their own lives that John felt like an outsider in his own family. Yet even after the funeral there are unanswered questions. Why does his mother seem so distant? Why is a biographer desperate to tell his father's story, and why does his mother resist this while keeping the biographer close? And who mailed him his father's unfinished letter about dreams of rivers and seas? John finds himself lost in a family he doesn't understand and in a country perhaps even more inscrutable. Tim Parks' novel has received positive reviews with The Telegraph saying, "Tim Parks negotiates the contradictions of his self-imposed task with notable grace, writing about despair, betrayal, abandonment, loss and the struggle to know oneself, to understand others, to be good, with a serious lightness as entertaining as it is troubling."
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