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The Echo Maker by Richard Powers

The Echo Maker begins with 27-year-old Mark Schluter flipping his truck in a near-fatal accident on a Nebraska road. When he emerges from his coma, he remembers nothing of the accident, but some anonymous person has left a note about the accident by his bedside. His doting sister, Karin, comes to take care of him, but Mark believes she's not his sister at all, just an impostor who has studied his family history. Karin believes Mark is suffering from Capgras Syndrome, where patients believe doubles has replaced loved ones, so she asks the famous neurologist Gerald Weber to investigate. Weber is intrigued since Capgras doesn't usually come from a brain injury, but rather by mental illness. Weber is unnerved by what he finds, and Mark is determined to find out exactly what happened the night of the accident. Richard Powers' novel has received positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "this is a lucid, fiercely entertaining novel -- which, incidentally, with the inevitable loss of intellectual richness, would make a terrific movie."
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Winner of the 2006 National Book Award for fiction

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Richard Powers
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