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Ed King by David Guterson

Ed King begins in 1962 Seattle when Walter Cousins has an affair with Diane, his underage au pair. When she becomes pregnant, he tries to hide her from public view. When the baby is born, Diane has run away to Portland, blackmails Walter, and gives the baby up for adoption. Ed is raised by the King family, unaware of his birth parents. Ed grows up through troublesome teenage years and finds his footing in technology, becoming an internet billionaire. Diane manipulates her way through social strata with an uncanny ability to strike on whatever is hot at the moment. Ed has come to expect to get what he wants, a flaw that will loom large as his life's arc will cross with Diane's. David Guterson's novel has received mixed reviews with BookPage saying, "Ed King is not a new story, yet Guterson has managed to infuse this novel with feelings of freshness, relevance and even believability that are sure to delight 21st-century readers. A special pleasure will be experienced by those who can appreciate how the old elements have been modernized. Oedipus may not have been Guterson's to begin with, but by the end, readers will have no doubts that Ed King is a creation entirely his own."
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David Guterson
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