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Engleby by Sebastian Faulks

Engleby is narrated by Mike Engleby, telling his story beginning in the 1970s with his second year at an ancient university. Engleby has already lived a difficult life, bullied at school and beaten by his father, and he isn't fitting in well at university. He's detached, rude, and possibly with an unsound mind. He becomes fascinated with a female student named Jen, following her, if not stalking her, wherever she goes, until he discovers her diary and her comments about him. When Jen disappears, the police consider Engleby a suspect, but her body is never found. He goes on to become a journalist, but as a narrator to his own life's story, he's unreliable, and it all begins to unravel on him. Sebastian Faulks' novel has received mostly positive reviews with The Telegraph saying, "Within the grand design of his narrative themes, Engleby's systematising nature allows Faulks the opportunity for bravura flourishes of 1970s period detail - the drugs, the music, the florid excesses of pre-Murdoch newspaper printers, the serpentine convolutions of suburban roundabouts, and so on. The combination of serious purpose and playful execution is intensely exhilarating."
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Sebastian Faulks
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