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Enough is Enough by Mark Lawson

The characters at the center of Enough is Enough historical and the events surrounding them are true. Mark Lawson's novel is a fictionalized account of the events concering Prime Minister Harold Wilson's government in 1968. Wilson is paranoid about a plot to topple his government, and Cecil King, owner of the Daily Mirror, is plotting to do just that and replace him with an emergency government headed by Lord Mountbatten. Spymaster Peter Wright is convinced that Wilson is a communist plant and is both advising and bugging his way through the government. His vigilant protector is Marcia Williams, and Wilson's doctor offers to have her killed to release her grip on him. It's a time of rumor, innuendo, instability, fear, and political intrigue, and Mark Lawson keeps reminding his readers that it's fiction. Enough is Enough has received mixed reviews with the Independent saying, "This is a brilliant evocation of a lost political era, part spy thriller, part an accurate account of a jaw-dropping phase in British politics. As for Wilson, he may have been paranoid, but the poor man had a lot to be paranoid about."
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