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Every Secret Thing by Laura Lippman

Alice Manning and Ronnie Fuller are middle school friends banished from a party when they come across a baby in a carriage. Ronnie, the unpredictable one, and Alice, the dutiful one, decide they must help the baby. They later accept a plea bargain in the abduction and murder of the baby. When they are released seven years later, another baby disappears under similar circumstances. Homicide detective Nancy Porter must discover the truth about what happened seven years ago to avert a new tragedy. Every Secret Thing is Laura Lippman's first mystery novel that is not part of her Tess Monaghan series and it's received many positive reviews. The Seattle Times says, "Every Secret Thing is equal parts heartbreaking and commanding -- you can't bear to watch, and you can't tear your eyes away."
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January Magazine review by Kevin Burton Smith review by Cindy Lynn Speer review by Ava Dianne Day

Laura Lippman
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