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Evidence of Things Unseen by Marianne Wiggins

In Evidence of Things Unseen, Ray Foster's passion is light, whether bioluminescence, starlight, or X-rays. He returns home from World War I and falls in love with Opal, seeing her for the first time through her father's glass blowing tube. Ray's best friend from the war, Flash, gets in trouble and Ray and Opal are forced to move to Tennessee. Ray gets a job with the TVA and takes a portable X-ray machine to county fairs to show people the bones in Opal's feet, and eventually works on the atomic bomb project at Oak Ridge. It is this passion for things unseen that eventually brings tragedy to their lives, and harbors ill for all of humanity. Marianne Wiggins's novel has received many positive reviews. The Los Angeles Times says, "Wiggins' voice remains triumphantly her own. Evidence of Things Unseen becomes a love story lit up by the heavens."
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Marianne Wiggins
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