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The Fall of Baghdad by Jon Lee Anderson

Jon Lee Anderson, staff writer for The New Yorker, tells of both his experiences and those of Iraqis, in the two years surrounding Operation Iraqi Freedom in The Fall of Baghdad. Before the war, he tells of Iraqi life under Saddam Hussein and how the fear of a tyrannical regime affected life and attitudes in the country. As the American military's "shock and awe" campaign rained destruction on Baghdad, Anderson as well as the Iraqi civilians had to find the best strategy to avoid the bombs and survive. After the American forces captured the city and occupied the country, the local populace became increasingly suspicious and wary of American promises and their reasons for invading their country. The Fall of Baghdad is an exploration of Iraqi history and its reaction to the war as well as an independent reporter's attempts to survive in a war zone and has received mostly positive reviews. The Las Vegas Mercury says, "What makes The Fall of Baghdad different from so many other titles about the war is that it's actually about the war in Iraq, and the people who, however liberated, dodge bombs, Baathists and Islamofascists on a daily basis."
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Jon Lee Anderson
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