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The Fear Index by Robert Harris

In The Fear Index, Dr. Alex Hoffmann is a mathematical genius who used to write software to analyze subatomic collisions at CERN in Geneva before he turned those same skills to the international stock markets. Now he's filthy rich from his autonomous program to analyze current events and predict how these will affect stock prices. An intruder manages to slip by his security system in his Geneva mansion and assaults him. Hoffmann sinks into paranoia trying to figure out who was behind the attack. To make matters worse, his program might have achieved sentience, or is that just Hoffmann's paranoia at work? Robert Harris' novel has received mostly positive reviews with The Observer saying, "Harris is a master of pace and entertainment, and The Fear Index is a thoroughly enjoyable book. A lot of research has gone into it - from the rare-book market to hedge fund investors - and many details are amusingly accurate."
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Robert Harris
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