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Fear of the Dark by Walter Mosley

Fear of the Dark brings back Fearless Jones and Paris Minton in 1950s Los Angeles. Paris is doing his best to avoid trouble, which is why he refuses to have anything to do his cousin, Ulysses "Useless" S. Grant IV, who claims he's in trouble. When Useless' mother shows up claiming he's gone missing, and when the boyfriend of a woman who worked her way in Minton's life turns up dead, Paris and Fearless realize they have some detective work to do. People keep turning up dead, and the world they travel is rife with violence and racism. It's a classic Walter Mosley novel. Fear of the Dark has received positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "Throughout the book, Mosley walks a line. Like Richard Pryor in his prime, he makes us laugh even as he pricks our consciences. Fear of the Dark is a funny, funky novel, but like all of Mosley's work, it's troubling, too -- that's clearly what he intends, and he does his work well."
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