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Fellow Travelers by Thomas Mallon

Fellow Travelers is set during the 1950s and the tumult of Sen. Joe McCarthy's attempts to purge the government and military of pinks (communists) and lavenders (homosexuals). Tim Laughlin is a devout Catholic and ardent supporter of McCarthy. He comes to Washington after graduating from college. Tim is also gay. A tip from a new friend, Hawk Fuller who works in the State Department, gets him a job on a senator's staff. It's also Hawk's way of getting him into bed. Tim falls hard for Hawk, but Hawk cruises through life on his looks and charisma. Thrust into the turmoil and dealing with own contradictions, Tim must find a way to survive the accusations and paranoia that swirls around him. Thomas Mallon's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch saying, "Fellow Travelers is possessed of a pervasive, poetic melancholy, and Mallon writes beautifully and revealingly about the love between the two men, a love that in the 1950s still could not speak its name."
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Thomas Mallon
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