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Flawed Angel by John Fuller

Flawed Angel is a fairy tale set in a Arabian land in the 18th century. The ruler of the land, the Akond, has a firstborn son who was born with his twin's leg protruding from his chest. The ruler announces the child was stillborn and sends it off into the forest to die. His second son is being groomed to be the heir to the throne, but he lacks the qualities to assume the throne. Rumors come back to the throne that the first son has been found alive. The boy has been found and tamed by a geologist and he's enamored of the girl next door. This is a land of strange conventions and social inventions, and a breakaway band of soldiers from Napoleon's army rides in, hoping to bring reason and enlightenment to the land. John Fuller's story has received positive reviews with The Guardian saying, "No other writer could make an ingenious primal soup in a civilised dish in quite this way. Flawed Angel is easy to read, but persists in the mind when it has been read, and asks to be thought about."
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