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Florence of Arabia by Christopher Buckley

In Florence of Arabia, Florence Farfarletti works for the U.S. government as deputy to the deputy assistant secretary for Near East Affairs. After her friend, one of the wives of the ambassador of the Middle Eastern country of Wasabia, is beheaded for defying her husband, Florence decides she needs to bring feminism to the Middle East. The government won't help her, but with money from a mysterious benefactor and help from shady associates, she goes to the country of Matar which sits between Wasabia and the sea. From there they broadcast television shows that praise women and ridicule religious police and the Wasabian royal family. This brings a fatwa declared on Florence and her staff and she realizes that there's more going on than she was initially led to believe. Christopher Buckley is back with another sharp satire of recent events, and Florence of Arabia has received mostly positive reviews. The Seattle Times says, "Nonetheless, Buckley manages to make consistently large-hearted, wickedly informed fun out of nearly everything going: not just the Arabs but the CIA, the State Department, snooty French diplomats, priapic Arab princes, you name it. Oh, and exploding camels, too."
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Christopher Buckley
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