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Fluke by Christopher Moore

Nate Quinn has spent most of his life at sea near Hawaii studying whales. Nate's wife left him after an unseemly event when she was caught in a whale mating ritual. At sea one day with his assistants, the sexy Amy, the Anglo-Rastaman, Kano, and his photographer, Clay, a whale lifts its fluke into the air displaying the message, "Bite Me." This rude message, however, is somehow not on the photos once they're developed. At that point Nate's benefactor tells him that apparently a whale has phoned in a request for a pastrami sandwich. Convinced something strange is going on, Nate delivers the pastrami sandwich, and is swallowed by the whale. He discover that he's not the only one inside of it. This should give you some sense of the zaniness that abounds in Christoper Moore's latest novel. Part humor, part science fiction, part eco-fantasy, the Washington Post says, "if the ghost of Jules Verne had conspired with Rudy Rucker and Tom Robbins to produce a novel, Fluke might very well make them hang their heads in defeat."
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Christopher Moore
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