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Flyboys: A True Story of Courage by James Bradley

Flyboys tells the story of nine American World War II pilots shot down over the remote island of Chichi Jima. One pilot, George H. W. Bush, was rescued by a submarine. They other eight were captured by the Japanese, and disappeared. A military inquiry after the war was labeled top secret and sealed the story of the fate of these men from even their families. With painstaking research, James Bradley has uncovered the truth behind what happened to these men. Flyboys also tells the history of U.S. and Japanese relations that set the stage for the atrocities that happened during the war, including the POWs on Chichi Jima. This book has received many positive reviews, with the San Antonio Express-News saying, "But it is the personalities of the Flyboys that carry the story along and make the reader marvel at their courage, rage at their treatment and mourn their loss as if it is happening today."
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James Bradley
James Bradley
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