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The Footprints of God by Greg Iles

David Tennant is hired to be the ethicist on a top-secret project to develop a quantum-level supercomputer with artificial intelligence and self-sufficiency that will make it more powerful than the human mind. Each scientist has his molecular copy inserted into the computer so it can learn from existing neurological operating systems. This results in strange physical ailments for each of these scientists. Tennant's curse is narcolepsy and dreams of being Jesus in biblical times. Tennant orders the computer shut down, despite it's being claimed a success. Powerful figures who want the computer send a killer after Tennant, and he escapes with his psychiatrist to Israel in an attempt to understand his dreams. When the billionaire who funded the computer downloads his brain patterns into it, he becomes a powerful force that only Tennant might be able to stop. The Footprints of God by Greg Iles is a philosophical thriller which has received general praise from reviewers. The Scripps Howard News Service says, "This is fun, fast and even thought-provoking reading, revealing a master of plotting at his most clever."
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Greg Iles
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