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The Foreign Correspondent by Alan Furst

Alan Furst has carved out a literary career writing World War II spy novels, centered around ordinary citizens pulled into conspiracies and machinations that are larger than themselves, but doing their part to strike against the tyranny that threatens to overwhlem them. In The Foreign Correspondent, it's 1938 and Italian writers and intellectuals have emigrated to Paris to organize resistance to Mussolini and crank out hundreds of underground newspapers which are smuggled back into Italy. One of these writers is Carlo Weisz, and when the editor of Liberazione is assassinated by Mussolini's secret police, Carlo takes his place. He finds himself in a position where he's squeezed and threatened by spies, propagandists, and intelligence services of different countries as war looms on the horizon. He's aided by other anti-fascists and the woman he loves, who herself works in the underground resistance in Germany. The Foreign Correspondent has received positive reviews with the New York Daily News saying of Alan Furst, "With each new book, the number of devotees grows, and critics acclaim anew that he's the best espionage writer in the world. That sounds about right."
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Alan Furst
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