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Fortunate Son by Walter Mosley

In Fortunate Son, Tommy (who is black) and Eric (who is white) are born a week apart in Los Angeles. Tommy's father has abandoned his mother, and Eric's mother dies soon after his birth. Their parents meet, fall in love, and move in together. Tragedy eventually breaks their family apart. Tommy, who has always been sickly, is forced to grow up on the streets. Eric, who is attractive, athletic, and intelligent, has a much easier path through life. Another tragedy brings them back together a decade later, and they must join forces to ensure both of their survivals. Walter Mosley's novel has received positive reviews with the Chicago Sun-Times saying, "It is a brilliant book, rumbling with life, scary and sacred and scented with everything that makes Los Angeles our best heaven and our best hell, a perfect backdrop for Eric's and Tommy's dream story."
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Walter Mosley
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