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Garbo Laughs by Elizabeth Hay

In Garbo Laughs, Harriet Browning is an Ottawa wife and mother who is obsessed with old movies. It's the mid-1990s, and Harriet is determined to see all the movies she missed as a child, immersing herself in the drama and romance they offer. Her husband doesn't share her passion, but he'll gladly join her when her friend and neighbor, Dinah, comes over to join them on Friday nights. Their children reflect their differences, Kenny being a movie addict like his mother, and Jane preferring to do without them. Her annoying Aunt Leah comes to visit, along with her stepson, Jack, who has an attraction for Harriet. A devastating ice storm forces them all to share close quarters, and the chance to deal with reality or escape into another movie. Elizabeth Hay's novel has met with warm reviews with January Magazine saying, "Garbo Laughs is a nice steaming cup of cocoa, not exactly intoxicating but delicious, warm and comforting nonetheless."
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January Magazine review by Margaret Gunning

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Elizabeth Hay
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