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The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

The Gargoyle begins with its unnamed narrator, a male porn star high on cocaine and being distracted what appears to be a volley of arrows, driving his sports car off the road and suffering horrible burns across most of his body. His recovery in the hospital is excruciating and he knows he will leave the hospital horribly disfigured. He plans to commit suicide once he gets home. He starts getting visits in the hospital from a sculptress named Marianne. She sculpts gargoyles and informs him that were lovers centuries ago. He had been a mercenary wounded by arrows (and saved by a copy of Dante's Inferno) and she nursed him back to health in the monastery of Engelthal. Initially, he assumes she's just a mental patient, but as she regales him with their love story, and other dramatic medieval romances, he finds himself falling for her. Andrew Davidson's debut novel has received mostly positive reviews with the New York Daily News saying, "But first he gives us a story that sweeps us in with no protest. You want to be lost in its pages, immersed in the unfolding tale of the human gargoyle and a flesh and blood wraith. In the final analysis, the real tragedy of this book is that it ends."
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Andrew Davidson
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