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The Ghost at the Table by Suzanne Berne

In The Ghost at the Table, Cynthia Fiske is a writer living in California, aloof from her family back in Massachusetts. Her sister, Frances, begs her to come back for Thanksgiving, since their father is dying and his second wife is divorcing him. Their mother died mysteriously when they were younger while their father was having the affair with the woman he eventually married. Cynthia writes historical novels around famous sisters, so she agrees to come home since she can also do some research on Mark Twain's daughters. When she arrives, she finds herself sucked into an old-time Thanksgiving dinner with a host of relatives, and as she and her sister recall stories from their collective past, they clash over whose version is correct. As the family history and secrets are peeled back, they'll have to decide whose memories are faulty. Suzanne Berne's novel has received mostly positive reviews with The Guardian saying, "Not only is it gripping and hugely satisfying, filled with Berne's characteristic appreciation of small, sensual details, but it reminds you that other families may be in even worse shape than your own."
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Suzanne Berne
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