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Gilligan's Wake by Tom Carson

Tom Carson takes the characters from one of television's goofiest sitcoms and tells their back stories in a spoof of pop culture and Cold War mindsets. Gilligan is a mental patient in the Cleaver Ward, tended by Dr. Kildare F. Troop, along with Holden Caulfield and Edsel Ford. The Skipper serves on a PT boat with Jack Kennedy and Quentin McHale. Thurston Howell is a classmate of Alger Hiss and Lovey Howell parties with Daisy Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby." Ginger has an affair with Sammy Davis Jr. The Professor works on the atom bomb with Robert Oppenheimer. Mary-Ann is a sweet Kansas virgin who goes off to the Sorbonne in Paris and has a torrid affair with a film director. It's a look at history and social conventions via a comedic romp through our cultural icons.
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Tom Carson
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