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The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw

In The Girl with Glass Feet, Ida Maclaird visits the haunting and wintry archipelago of St. Hauda's Land. Once she returns to the mainland, her body begins to turn to glass, starting with her feet. She returns to St. Hauda's in search of a cure. The islands are a cold, gloomy place with albino creatures and mysteries of its own. Ida has a chance meeting with Midas Crook, a young man turned old by his family's tragedies. Crook's hardened exterior melts when he's with Ida. To save her, though, they must find the reclusive Henry Fuwa, who knows many of the secrets of St. Hauda's Land. Ali Shaw's debut novel has received positive reviews with the Boston Globe saying, "While the challenges facing Ida and Midas are real and affecting, it's the look, the sound, and the scent of St. Hauda's Land that stay with you after turning the last page of this beautiful novel."
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Ali Shaw
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