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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is a renowned scientist and atheist, and with The God Delusion, he delivers his polemic that argues that God cannot exist. He explores the different manifestations of God in a variety of religions, sometimes even within the same religion, using those differences to show that no singular definition of God exists. He uses scientific reasoning to examine the improbability of a supreme being, and how the belief in God has led to hatred, violence, and wars that have shaken civilization for as long as God's believers have declared his existence. The God Delusion, unsurprisingly, will foster controversy and offend many, if not most, of the pious who accept God upon faith. It's received mixed reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "To those readers tired of being told that they must bow respectfully before every absurd or bizarre superstition they encounter, and who worry about the effects of this atmosphere of hyper-tolerance on the health of our society, Dawkins' irreverent and penetrating work will seem a breath of fresh air."
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Richard Dawkins
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