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God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens

With God Is Not Great, atheist Christopher Hitchens vents his anger and rage at the evils of the world committed in the name of religion. Not only does he lay out his explanations for why God does not exist, but he belittles the "superstitions" that surround religion and the constant worship needed by a God who doesn't intervene in earthly affairs. Hitchens resorts to the showing the beauty and simplicity of science explaining the phenomenon that the religious attribute to God, and takes them to task for their actions taken in the name of their God. God Is Not Great has received mixed reviews with the Sydney Morning Herald saying, "This is easily the most impressive of the present crop of atheistic and anti-theistic books: clever, broad, witty and brilliantly argued, it takes on in one volume the scientific rationalist refutation of God found in Richard Dawkins, and the contemporary political objections found in Sam Harris, and adds the arguments and thoughts of thinkers as disparate as Freud, Hume and H.L. Mencken among many others. Rather than target one weak point hard, Hitchens goes hard at them all: faith is condemned as an overrated virtue; the holy texts are a sham; religious metaphysics are false; intelligent design is foolish; and, best argued of all, religious people are very, very dangerous."
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Christopher Hitchens
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