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The Good Neighbor by William Kowalski

At the center of The Good Neighbor is a couple, Francie and Colt, and a 150-year old farmhouse in Pennsylvania. He's a successful Manhattan trader and she's a poet without inspiration and dependent on her husband and antidepressants. During a country drive, they discover the empty farmhouse for sale and fall in love with it immediately. They buy it, he for the country vacation house added to his list of possessions and she for the inspiration it provides her. When they discover a cemetery on the property, Colt has it removed over the protests of Francie and the neighbor who's family are in the graves. This act will drive a wedge between all involved. Francie finds a diary in the house which reveals older, sad secrets in its history. William Kowalski's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Denver Post saying, "But the story is carried by characters the reader cares about and is presented in engaging prose, attributes that balance some concerns about the hurried nature of the characters' ultimate redemption."
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William Kowalski
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