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The Green Hour by Frederic Tuten

In the 1890s, Parisians went to cafes at dusk to drink green absinthe, and that time of day came to be known as "l'heure verte" - the green hour. Dominique, the woman at the center of Frederic Tuten's new novel, The Green Hour, relates this information to her lover, Rex, as they lie in an apartment above a French cafe. Dominique is torn between Rex, a leftist artist who champions the proletariat cause, and Eric, an American tycoon who appeals to her new bourgeois life as an art historian in New York City. More than just a love triangle, the men and other people in Dominique's life serve to flesh out the ideas of what makes up the whole of a person, and Dominique's confusion and choices in her life are really a search for her own identity. The Oregonian says of The Green Hour, "Tuten is such a master stylist that the novel is pleasurable, sensuous reading."
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Frederic Tuten
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