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The Gypsy Man by Robert Bausch

The Gypsy Man in the title of Robert Bausch's new novel refers to a local Virginia legend about a phantom who steals children. The story centers around the people in this Virginia town in the 1950s, Penny Bone, her daughter and her husband, John, who is in prison for an accidental murder, Penny's Aunt Clare, school teachers Henry and Myra Gault, the sheriff, and Peach, whom everyone regards as the evil character in town. Six years earlier, a young black boy disappeared, and now claims are made that the Gypsy Man has been seen in the woods. So sets the stage for a story the New York Times describes as, "Without giving too much away, I think it's safe to say that women and children in jeopardy, escaped convicts, old secrets, buried treasure, an opened grave and deadly weapons make for a memorable conclusion."
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New York Times review by Sarah Ferguson
Robert Bausch
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