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Harbor by Lorraine Adams

Harbor begins with an Algerian man, Aziz, swimming to shore through Boston Harbor from a tanker where he stowed away across the Atlantic. Aziz is fleeing a land where terrorism, atrocities, and government crackdowns are a way of life and he hopes to find a peaceful life in the U.S. and hopefully make enough money to send some home to his family in Algeria. He falls in with an Algerian community in Boston, but it's one where anyone could betray his illegal status and it's full of Islamists who use credit card fraud, drugs, and smuggling to finance jihad abroad. This attracts the attention of the FBI and threatens Aziz's hopes for the American dream. Lorraine Adams' novel has received strong reviews with the Miami Herald saying, "Adams, a former Washington Post reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992 for investigative work, has written a terrific book, weaving suspense and dread in rhythms that grow even more rapid as the novel concludes. With its relevant references to terrorism and staggering hallucinatory intensity, Harbor leaves the reader reeling, wondering -- as we do so often in life -- how much is real and how much delusion."
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Lorraine Adams
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