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Hard Revolution by George Pelecanos

Hard Revolution is George Pelecanos's fourth Derek Strange novel, but in this latest offering, he moves Derek back in time to show the forces that shaped his life growing up in Washington D. C. In 1959 at age 12, Derek's world is often shaped by race, and tempted by a white friend, he's caught shoplifting. Nine years later, he's a rookie police officer who's been treated like a traitor by many in the black community. His older brother, Dennis, falls in with the wrong crowd. A trio of white boys, bent on creating trouble, run down a black boy and then attempt to rob a bank to finance their escape from town. Then the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. causes the city to explode in flames. George Pelecanos is often hailed as one of the best writers of any genre, and this novel continues to generate high praise for him. The Denver Post says, "Pelecanos stares unflinchingly at hard reality, and his reader cannot look away from the seamy and violent nature of his urban landscape. And though he tells a dark story, he also reflects on hope, love and the ties of family."
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George Pelecanos
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