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Heaven Lake by John Dalton

Vincent Saunders, a pious and naive young man from farm country in the Midwest, decides that his life's mission is to bring Christianity to Taiwanese peasants. He joins a mission near Taipei, but discovers Taiwan to be a more cosmopolitan place than what he left behind. Out of his element and confronted with new temptations, he succumbs to the repeated advances of one of his students, which has him dismissed from the mission in disgrace. Penniless and jobless, he agrees to help a wealthy businessman by going to a remote area of China near Heaven Lake, to retrieve a beautiful, young woman the businessman wants to marry. Vincent's adventure through a land even more foreign also becomes a quest to find himself. John Dalton's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the San Jose Mercury News saying, "Heaven Lake is an auspicious debut, an often amusing novel that also manages to be thoughtful about matters of faith, about human communication and about learning to live in the world."
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John Dalton
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