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Hey Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland (author of Generation X) brings us a story that starts with a high school shooting similar to Columbine. Cheryl Anway goes to the cafeteria to meet her sweetheart, Jason, when three boys begin firing into the crowd. She hides under a table until she's shot by one of the boys. Jason holds her as she dies. Hey Nostradamus! tells the story in four parts over two decades. The first section is told by Cheryl somewhere between earth and heaven, and the next sections are told by Jason, his new girlfriend, and his father. Douglas Coupland explores the issues that follow a tragedy's survivors through the years. The Rocky Mountain News says, "Now, after the media glare has faded from Columbine, the story has entered the domain of fiction and we see the potential of an earth-shattering experience to both haunt and redeem."
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Douglas Coupland
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