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The Hollywood Dodo by Geoff Nicholson

The Hollywood Dodo follows three different storylines that interact with each other. The first is a 17th-century medical student, William Draper, who owns what might be the last dodo and is looking for another dodo to mate with it. He develops a bad skin condition which gets him dismissed from school, so he spends his time spying on bogus doctors and cures and reporting them to the Royal College of Physicians. The second narrative concerns Rick McCartney who is obsessed about making a movie about a dodo. He travels to London to study Draper's history, and on the flight back to the US, he meets Dr. Henry Cadwallader, on his way to Hollywood with his daughter to make her a starlet. While Hollywood isn't that interested in his daughter, Henry finds himself immersed in the Hollywood culture. Geoff Nicholson has delivered a novel of deception and obsession through stories fraught with humor, sex, and desire. The Hollywood Dodo has received mostly positive reviews with The Independent calling it a "delightful and clever new comic novel."
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Geoff Nicholson
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