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The Hornet's Nest by Jimmy Carter

Ex-president Jimmy Carter adds the title of novelist to his long list of achievements with his Revolutionary War novel, The Hornet's Nest. Mixing historical and fictional characters (including some of his ancestors), he tells the mostly untold story of the war in the southern colonies. His story revolves around Ethan and Epsey Pratt, and their move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina and finally to a Quaker settlement in Georgia. Jimmy Carter details the corruption that drove small farmers off their land so that slave-owners could build their plantations, the alliance between the British and Indian tribes against the settlers, the changing loyalties as war fortunes shifted, and the battles at Savannah and Charles Town. The Hornet's Nest has received positive reviews with some minor misgivings. says, "The narrative gets bogged down in historical data in places, but diligent readers will be rewarded with a renewed appreciation for the spirit of those early rebels who faced inconceivable losses but held on against all odds for the realization of one dream -- freedom."
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Jimmy Carter
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