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Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution - and How It Can Renew America by Thomas L. Friedman

In Hot, Flat, and Crowded, Thomas L. Friedman explains how the obvious conditions of burgeoning world population, increasing global temperatures, and runaway energy consumption will eventually lead to calamity if nothing is done. He argues that a national, if not global, effort that would far exceed the race to the moon is necessary to develop new technologies that will allow the world's economies to grow without destroying the climate in the process. He also explains that if the U.S. doesn't lead this effort, it runs the risk of being left behind if another country like China achieves these technological breakthroughs first. Hot, Flat, and Crowded has received mostly positive reviews with the Boston Globe saying, "Hot, Flat, and Crowded is a compelling manifesto that deserves a wide reading, especially by members of Congress and candidates for president."
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Thomas L. Friedman
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