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How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

In How Doctors Think, Jerome Groopman provides insights into how a doctor's thought process works when a patient comes in for diagnosis. Groopman, a physician who was able to see things from the patient's perspective with his own improperly diagnosed ailment, details how doctors make misdiagnoses with their approach to their patients. Most doctors will interrupt patients within twelve seconds of their visit and decide on a diagnosis within twenty seconds. They fall prey to confirmation bias - selectively accepting or ignoring facts to support their diagnosis - and how recent experiences influence decisions in similar situations. Groopman also examines how pharmaceutical companies and money influence doctors. How Doctors Think has received mostly positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "How Doctors Think is a fascinating exploration of the subconscious forces that influence how doctors approach illness. While it may foster some unrealistic expectations, it nicely illuminates the ideal to which every physician and patient should strive."
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Jerome Groopman
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