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This Human Season by Louise Dean

This Human Season is set in Belfast during The Troubles, and follows two intersecting storylines. The first is that of Kathleen Moran, a Catholic woman whose son, Sean, is sent to The Maze prison after transporting a bomb for the Irish Republican Army. She struggles to keep her family together, drawing on the strength of her community ties while suffering through the imprisonment of her son and the British Army searching her house for whatever they might find. The other story follows John Dunn, a prison guard at The Maze who came to Belfast with the British army. He lives a quiet life with his girlfriend, afraid of retribution for his job. Louise Dean's novel explores the human side of both sides of the conflict and has received mostly positive reviews. The Sunday Times says, "This is a fine and thoughtful historical novel, which manages to find humour and decency in the most awful of places."
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Louise Dean
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