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Ignorance by Milan Kundera

Milan Kundera (most famous for The Unbearable Lightness of Being) is a Czech-born writer now living in France. In Ignorance, he brings us the story of Irena, a Czech émigré in France, returning home after a twenty-year absence. She encounters, Josef, another émigré revisiting Prague after a long absence that she knew from her past. Together they find they have different memories of their homeland and each other. Kundera brings us a novel about our histories, our families, and the events of our own lives of which we are ignorant that makes us who we are today. With a few misgivings, most reviewers are handing out praise for a well-written work. The St. Petersburg Times says, "Ignorance is not bliss, but reading it is a pleasure."
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New York Times review by Maureen Howard

The Guardian review by Maya Jaggi review by Bill Robinson

Milan Kundera
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