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I'll Go to Bed at Noon by Gerard Woodward

In I'll Go to Bed at Noon, Gerard Woodward brings back the Jones family he first introduced in his novel August. Now set in the 70s, Colette, the family's mother, has her addictive personality succumb to alcohol, and its effects have spread to the rest of the family. Her eldest son, Janus, is a musical genius, but his alcoholism leads him from one failed menial job to another. Liquor affects the life of every family member as the family's interactions increasily revolve around drinking and pubs. I'll Go to Bed at Noon is a combination of a mother's attempt to understand herself and her family and to save them from themselves and a portrait of England in a decade of change. Gerard Woodward's novel has received positive reviews with the Independent saying, "Woodward's prose combines those rare qualities of real emotional intelligence and heartfelt warmth with a devastating wit."
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