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The Impostor by Damon Galgut

In The Impostor, Adam Napier loses his job in a Johannesburg office to a black intern and retires to a rural house his brother owns, yet has never lived in. Adam published a book of poetry twenty years before, so he decides he'll become a poet again. Adam meets a man, Canning, who claims to be an old school chum, although Adam has no recollection of him. Having nothing better to do, Adam begins to spend his time with Canning and his black wife, Baby. Canning has inherited a game farm outside of town and is doing his best to destroy his father's legacy by turning it into a resort, using nefarious accomplices to achieve his revenge. As Adam is drawn toward Baby and drawn further into Canning's schemes, where the truth lies becomes increasingly murky. Damon Galgut's novel has received glowing reviews with The Observer saying, "This is also a novel that works on several levels. In one sense, it is a conventional crime caper, the story of an innocent man who gets sucked into a world that he doesn't understand. In another, it is a critique of contemporary South Africa, a country that, as Galgut depicts it, is beset by cruelty and a spirit of brutish materialism."
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Damon Galgut
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