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In the Moon of Red Ponies by James Lee Burke

Billy Bob Holland, ex-Texas Ranger and now with a criminal law practice in Montana, returns in In the Moon of Red Ponies. Wyatt Dixon, who once buried Holland's wife alive before Billy Bob had him put away, is released from prison and claims to have found religion. Holland also defends his friend, Native American activist Johnny American Horse, against framed-up charges. Johnny's girlfriend is the daughter of a U.S. Senator, and she's also the object of obsession from a local police detective with a CIA background. Johnny also has set his sights on a man who wants to be governor, claiming his biotech company has sold chemical weapons. Besides waiting for Dixon to return to his psychotic ways, Holland watches a government agent who's acting suspiciously in town. It's another thriller from James Lee Burke as Holland tries to get the bottom of all the secrets and hidden agendas and protect his family at the same time. In the Moon of Red Ponies has received positive reviews with the Denver Post calling it "a midnight oil-burning page-turner."
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