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Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel

Indecision is a problem for Dwight Wilmerding. At 28, he has a dead-end job, a girlfriend with no future with him, no ambition, and shares an apartment with his prep school friends. Dwight suffers from the inability to make a decision, any decision. As the lease is about to expire on the apartment, Dwight loses his job and his girlfriend. Natasha, a crush from his prep school days, sends him an e-mail asking him to join her in Ecuador, and one of Dwight's roommates gives him a supply of a new drug that is supposed to help those paralyzed by indecision. His first decision after taking the drug is to go to Ecuador. Funded by his father, he sets off for South America. Natasha soon disappears after his arrival, but Dwight takes up with Brigid instead. Fueled by his drugs, Brigid and he set off across Ecuador in a life-changing adventure for Dwight. Benjamin Kunkel's novel has received positive reviews, mostly for his funny and rambling narrator. The New York Times says, "What saves this from becoming tedious is Wilmerding's voice, which blends astute and whimsical observation with cerebral gymnastics and tortuously modest, wistful introspection. Kunkel has a masterly ear; Dwight's voice seems at once utterly familiar and weirdly original."
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Benjamin Kunkel
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