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Intuition by Peter Jinks

In Intuition, Magnus Calder returns to Scotland, mourning the sister he idolized who was incinerated in a car crash in Africa. Magnus begins to see evidence of his sister about town, but attributes it to part of a normal grieving process. Claire had mailed home three pieces of a religious totem associated with reincarnation, and her friend Isabel sets to acquiring all the pieces and reassembling it. Magnus takes up with Isabel, but begins to feel oddly, like he's no longer in control of his own body and life. He worries that he might be under some African spell from beyond the grave, or worse, possessed by the sister he loved. The Guardian says of the sophomore effort from Peter Jinks (author of Hallam Foe), "Intuition is a captivating, witty, scary little thriller, beautifully turned out."
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