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Invisible by Paul Auster

Invisible begins in 1967 and Adam Walker is a student and aspiring poet at Columbia University. He meets Rudolf Born, who hires him to start a literary magazine and offers to let him sleep with his girlfriend. While out together one evening, Walker watches Born murder a man, and then get away with it. Determined to bring down Born whichever way he can, Walker follows Born to Paris and unsuccessfully conspires to exact his own sense of justice. Walker eventually returns to the States and lives a normal, uneventful life. His life, though, is defined by the events of 1967. Becoming ill, he tries to write a memoir about that year, but becomes blocked. His only help might be old college acquaintance who's had success as a writer. Paul Auster's novel has received positive reviews with saying, "Invisible is a forceful demonstration that the mature Auster can marry his 'writerliness' with surprising, compelling narrative. The result is a novel in which the story and how it is told are fascinatingly inseparable."
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Paul Auster
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