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Jennifer Government by Max Barry

In the near future of Max Barry's new book, Jennifer Government, American corporations run the world (except for France), taxes are illegal, employees take the last name of their employers, and the government only investigates crimes if they can bill a citizen. Hack Nike signs a new employment contract without reading it, then finds out he must murder a dozen teenagers to build up a street cred for Nike's new $2,500 sneakers. When he refuses and goes to the police to complain, they assume he just wants to subcontract out the hits. In comes Jennifer Government to investigate and try to nail Hack's murderous employer. It's a brutal satire about government and consumerism. The Manchester HippoPress says of Jennifer Government, "Barry beautifully weaves the whiplash action with sharp, and often hilarious, social commentary. It's nervy, it's satirical, it's substantial and it's turbo-charged. It's even important."
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Max Barry
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