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The King of Torts by John Grisham

In The King of Torts, John Grisham takes on the tort lawyers, attorneys who file large class action suits that brings massive payouts from corporations. A few of those dollars make it into the plaintiff's wallets, but huge amounts go to the lawyers who represent them. Clay Carter is a public defender close to burn out and disgruntled by his lack of a career. A mysterious man in black then comes to him with inside information on a drug that causes people to commit murder, and if Carter sets up his own law firm, he can win huge payouts with this information. This sets Carter on a furious path to wealth and the moniker "King of Torts" as the man in black continues to feed him inside information on different companies. In typical Grisham fashion, there in no gray area and there's a clear delineation between good and evil, lots of thrills, and a predictable ending. The King of Torts has gathered mixed reviews, probably due to each reviewers preference, or lack thereof, for Grisham's literary style.
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John Grisham
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